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What’s happening in the Mobile world ?

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How many of you have ever owned Nokia’s brick phone or that awesome BlackBerry that you company gave you ? I guess at one point you did enjoy those phones. So what happened now. Where are Nokia phones ? How many of you still own a BlackBerry ?

First iPhone happened then Android and then future of mobile changed for ever. Since the release of the first iPhone people have blindly followed the craze of Apple products. No doubt they look and work great but I wont say they are the best of them all. I am not an Android fan and neither BB or Windows. I believe in healthy competition. There should always be alternatives. After 4yrs of enjoying the success of iPhone consumer got bored of it and left wanting more out of their device. Android successfully took the lead in market share last year after the release of Samsung Galaxy S 3.

Until last summer I used to see everyone carrying an iPhone. In bus, metro, train, groceries or hospitals everybody were hooked to iDevices. But recently I have seen that trend fading out. I am seeing more Galaxy S3 phones on the street. This made me wonder what happened to iPhone ? I found that some people are bored of their iPhone and they want something different. It is exactly like buying any other consumer product. User eventually gets overwhelmed by one product and starts looking for something else.

At the end of last year we saw the launch of new Windows 8 products, tablets and phones. It received mix reviews. Mostly people were frustrated by its Metro interface on tablet and PCs  but most of them welcomed the Windows 8 on phones. We are still not sure where the Windows 8 product stands. Consumers are not very enthusiastic about it. As a mobile application developer I would love to have one of the Windows 8 tablet or a phone but I am not sure I really want it.

BlackBerry was the most used phone in the world pre-iPhone era. It enjoyed both enterprise and commercial success. People loved the intuitive use of a full qwerty keyword and BBM (BlackBerry Messanger). But RIM (now BlackBerry) had a big fall on their face since iPhone and Android took over the market. Their shares have fallen and their attempt to enter tablet market was a big disappointment. BlackBerry 10 was released last week with a promise to change the mobile world. I was eager to see what the new device from RIM has to offer. Will it even match the performance of iPhone or Android ? Even though BB10 made it extremely late in the market there is still some hope for BlackBerry to survive.

With the launch of new product most of the company sees some rise in their stocks. But it was opposite for BB. The stocks actually went downs (afte rising up during the hype period). The new user-interface and user-experience are extremely great. The BB10 touch phone uses the same processor Snapdragon S4 as Galaxy S3 (international edition). Even though everything looks great about it, it is not an iPhone killer. Yet !!

BlackBerry has only one chance to prove that they are in the game. It seems they bought some time for themselves with the new release. With BlackBerry 10 RIM is giving Windows tough competition. They both will be fighting for the 3rd place in the mobile market. Windows 8 has nearly 40,000 apps right now but BB leads with 90,000 apps. Its tough to say what will happen next. If BlackBerry fails to deliver this time they should purely focus on their BlackBerry Enterprise service or else its the end of the beloved Canadian company.

There are few more new players entering the market. Ubuntu is releasing its own OS for the mobile phones. Huawei and ZTE, though being there for long time, have recently been able to catch up with the mobilel market and are suppose to give prove challengers in the Asian market.

Some say Apple’s innovation died with Steve Jobs but some are still huge fan of iDevices and think Apple still rules the mobile world. Apple will have to keep their innovation and creative machine running in order to stay at the top position. Android is already ruling with its huge market share. And BlackBerry has re-entered the market with a solid device. Now lets see how the mobile market turns around.

From here onwards people will always be confused on what phone to select. Almost every phones are on the same level and offers decent performance. Mobile world is getting bigger and bigger. More phones and tablets are coming into market killing PCs and Laptops. There are more choices than what we need. Technology here is solving problems that do not exist. We want better apps not another iPhone killer. We want better support better service. Do not release ten different model release one and improve it. Motorola, LG, Nokia and HTC still need to deliver that one phone that can compete with Apple, Samsung and BB.


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February 3, 2013 at 6:02 am

Self-Checkout Chaos

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It was saturday night, I went to the groceries to pick up some chips, drinks and dessert. I was hopping my trip to be in-n-out in 5min. I was in good mood, smiling roaming around the ailes and checking out interesting people 😉 I got my items and headed to the counter. Two out of six counters were open and I always wonder when are all the counter ever open. Then I thought to give a shot to self-checkout.

I am not a big fan of self-checkout. There is no human interaction there unless you mess up something or want bags for your items. But still I has only three cases so I thought it will be super quick. But to my dismay I was obstructed by two interesting people who must have spent at least 20min there.


First of all self-checkout should not be for old people. They just spend hours there trying to figure out what to do next. Second people with hundred items should not be allowed. They not only spend hours scanning their items but also filling them in their bag. Unless they are done filling their bags no other person and move on.


So one person ahead of me shopped like its the end of the world (or may be she has big family, no idea). She took 15min to finish scanning her items. After she finished I thought good its my turn now. But oh no scumbag machine had a scumbag plan. Unless the person before you removes all the items from the counter the second person cannot proceed. So I had to wait for another 10 min for her to finish loading her items in her cart.


 On the other self-checkout machine a weird looking guy was scanning his items but could not hear the machine shouting “please remove the items” as he keep scanning the same thing again and again. A lady from the counter had to shout at the person to hold back and let the machine rewind.

So basically my pleasant journey to the grocery quickly turned out into a frustrating one. But never the less it is always fun to see interesting memes online and in knowing that you are not the only one 🙂

Happy shopping everyone !!

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February 3, 2013 at 1:35 am

VitaLicious !!!

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Hey guys check out this awesome delicious and healthy VitaTops. It claims to have maximum nutrition and pleasure of minimum calories. Each muffin top contains about 8g of Fiber and 5g of Protein. Deep Chocolate is my fav.


They also have VitaBrownies, VitaCakes etc….

Enjoy !!!

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January 23, 2013 at 3:55 am

“What ever your 100% looks like, give it.” ― Lance Armstrong

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Well that explains the whole doping part. For long time cancer survivor Lance Armstrong was inspiration and motivation for millions of people. But after his opening up to public last week what will happen to all those motivated people out there ?

It much worse than saying Santa Clause do not exist to a kid. And the weird thing is he did this in his whole career. I am actually amazed to what professional and sophisticated level he has carried out this con job. The good thing about sports is you get stripped off from your title as soon as they find something is wrong. It do not matter how big of a star athlete you are.

But I know people will still stay strong and follow all the good things that LIVESTRONG has to offer. So don’t give up hope, don’t be disappointed, give your 100% everyday and live clean and healthy life.

“A boo is a lot louder than a cheer.” ― Lance Armstrong

I hope he is prepared for the loud noise.

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January 18, 2013 at 9:52 pm

The Avengers – Movie Review (2012)

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Guys, I’m bringing the party to you!” and hell ya that was a damn good party. When Marvel’s first avenger made its debut as a Hulk in 2003 it was not received very well. Since year 2000 digital advancement has given realistic touch to those age old comic book series, nourished them to the life like characters on screen and polished them with style and substance. Some worked very well while others went flat.

With the booting of Spiderman and X-men series world actually got interested in things that were only limited to so called “geeks“. Since then bringing the famous comic book character to life has become the main focus for majority of Hollywood  producers. Avengers was one of the very few super-hero or sci-fi movies that was actually entertaining without trying too hard.

Iron ManRobert Downey, Jr.‘s genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist image as an Tony Stark in 2007 brought some genuine humour and style to the super-hero movies and stayed steady in Avengers too. He finally got some match and task which he always wanted.

Hulk: Every time new actors plays the role in different movie. Edward Norton was very effective in The Incredible Hulk but Mark Ruffalo also did a great job in portraying Bruce Banner/Hulk. There are two stealer scenes in the which are bound to get belly aching laugh among the audience in the middle of the war. Finally he was recognized as super hero than moster.

Thor: Chris Hemsworth debuted Thor last year and we agreed. He did his part well and maintained his style even when fighting with Iron Man.

Captain America: Chris Evans looks Captain America since the debut as first Avenger. He kept Captain America alive for years and fought with honour till the end.

Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff: Sexy as she is, Scarlett Johansson adds the hotness to the film. Unlike other movies this pretty girl can hit dialogues as hard she kicks your ass.

Hawks eye: Though he got a slow and dark start to the movie at the end he did his job with ace.

Loki: Tom Hiddleston did a good as as bad person in Thor and he showed his white arse again in Avengers with a ludicrous plan of ruling earth.

Other notable characters were Nick Fury/Samuel L J, ‘Agent’ Phil and hot property from How I Met Your Mother Cobie Smulder a.k.a Robin as agent Maria Hill

Ok now its time for pulses and minuses.


  • Easy flow of the story with no boring plot.
  • Calling up the Avengers.
  • Verbal and Physical interactions between the Avengers.
  • Humour that Tony Stark always carry. But was surprised to see Hulk’s hilarious punch to Thor and Hulk’s reaction to Loki’s self addressing as god.
  • Natasha Romanoffs and Agent Maria’s body tight suite and killer moves.
  • Iron Man’s trip to space was out of this world (literally)
  • Finally great action sequence. Very well structured.


  • Ship turning to ridiculous invisible Helicarrier.
  • I think thats the only thing i did not like… but i will update if i recall any.

So yes Avengers has surely started the summer 2012 with blockbuster (after loosing hopes on Hunger Games). And I am eagerly waiting for some soon-to-be-epic movies like The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spiderman and Prometheus. 

I rate: 8.5/10

The Hunger Games [2.999 / 5] – Movie Review

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The spring is here and the summer is around the corner. Movie buffs have made their watch-list to catch 2012’s blockbuster. I have mine too but Hunger Games was not in the list until few weeks back when all media raised the hype alarm on this movie.

After the success of the Hunger Games book series the movie trilogy was bound to happen. Now I have not read any of the books which I am sure they will be better than the movie. Not because movie sucks but because the movie lacks the thrill factor which I think book always delivers in its thousands of words.

The idea behind the story is very simple and to some extant very childish. Rich people want to see poor kids fighting for survival. Its like Survivor series set the future. From the start of the movie Katniss Everdeen ( Jennifer Lawrence) was told that she is special and she has to win. All the people surrounding her are on her favor which completely ruins the mystery about what will happen in the end. But still its not that bad.

Lot of time is spent in shaking the camera in odd positions which made me want to slap the camera-man. Special effects are very outdated. But again its a budget film I guess.On whole movie is good but not very gripping or make you jump ( expect one scene).


  • Some good visuals
  • Lead actress is quite an eye candy
  • Scene with dogs (weird)


  • Poor executions. Low thrill factor
  • Background score not uplifting
  • Games not quite exciting
  • Special FX done by some college intern
  • Camera man drunk on set

Even though I hear great reviews by critiques and Hunger Games fan I think this movie still left me hungry for more.

I know having not read the books and not being a fan of killing for survival for rich peoples entertainment with nothing to gain at the end, I am not in a position to judge the movie in right way but this is what I feel about it.

But its a good movie catch with the pals. “May the hunger gods be with you.

IMDB: 7.8/10

Rottentomatoes: 85%

Movie Review: London Paris New York (2012) [3.5/5]

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In every romantic movie there is Boy and there is a Girl. They are shown living a very different life and then serendipity strikes. They are shown in deep intellectual and witty conversation with each other which mainly involves girl complaining about everything and guy just makes fun of her. Eventually they fell in love over the course of 20min reel where they have sang a song on London bridge and hummed the beats near Eiffel tower. Well this all happens in this movie as well.

Being a realistic I only wonder how a guy meets a nice beautiful cute girl in a plane who is willing to go out with him on city tour for whole day when she missed her connecting flight. And it only happens in movies that the guy charmed his way into making the girl fall in love with her in 24hr cinematic hours.

Lets keep this aside and talk about the movie. All above mentioned situations happens in this movie but they are shown in fun way. The core idea of the subject might be adapted (or copied) from the bestselling book “One Day” but still it is a fresh and feel good movie.






  • Music is very soulful and easy on ears. Ali Zafars’s singing and writing is very smooth and melodious.
  • Locations. No wonder movie title is good enough for explanation.
  • Pretty good performance by the leads. Not perfect but good.
  • Screenplay was not boring and dialogues were very basic day to day lines.


  • There were ups and downs. Not very gripping storyline.
  • Drama was not quite intense.

Well this movie is recommended for the couples who wants to sit home relax and just want some fresh movie to spice up their evening.
I shall give 3.5/5

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March 12, 2012 at 2:20 am

Movie Review: Hugo (2011)

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   Hugo is an enigmatic adventure of an orphan boy from Paris who lives in the station among the clock machines. His purpose is to fix the automaton that him and his father were trying to fix before he died. Hugo thinks there is a message his father has hidden in the automaton. But to his disappointment there was something more to it.

I will say its not a movie its a film. This gives a very cinematic experience. After Shutter Island failed to hold strong at the box-office, Martin Scorsese just went ahead embracing the 3D technology creating a movie very tastefully. The movie really looks amazing in 3D and technical department really deserved the Oscars that they won.

This movie is like a dream. Very deep means are attached to it. The scenes are very magical. It gives the feeling of something that exists somewhere in the world but its just not visible. Life is simple. People are driven by passion and by wealth. Where beautiful things are appreciated.

Scorsese transforms this innocent tale into an ardent love letter to the cinema and a moving plea for film preservation” –J. R. Jones Chicago Reader

Well for more great movie experience check it out soon. Watching in 3D is must. A must for a cinephile.


  • Amazing visuals
  • Soothing background score
  • Good performances
  • Screenplay / Cinematography


  • Its more Drama than Adventure
  • So it will be slow

Well its a movie to watch when you crave for some fantasy and adventure !!!

My: 8.0/10

IMDB: 8.0 / 10

Rotten Tomatoes : 93%

The Motorcycle Show – Montreal

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So recently I went to a motorcycle show called “The Motorcycle Show” in Montreal. I went to few car shows before in Montreal called “The Auto Show”   but this was my first time to motorcycle show. I will not say it was an amazing or very impressive exhibition of engineering excellence but it was not bad either.

What I noticed was there were very few Promotional Models (or most commonly knows as car/bike babes) and there were lot of old folks. The ones that you see in gang. Still there were quite a few young enthusiastics  like me. Other than that there were lot of exotic bikes but mostly older models. I think none of the companies displayed the new ones. I might be wrong but thats what I noticed.

The one good thing about this exhibition is that a person can buy bikes and bike accessories for very discounted price. A bike that usually costs $5-6k in the market can be bought at the show in just $3-4k, for example. Also you can get twice the period of warranty and other services. You can also purchase used jackets, helmets and other accessories for the bikes over here. So its a great show to visit if you are going to buy a new bike or just passionate about it.

Because of the lack of attractive promotional models I spent all my taking pictures of motorbikes. Enjoy them below.

Movie Review – The Woman in Black (3/5)

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So when did the Harry Potter, the boy wizard, grew and started the family ? Daniel Radcliffe (Arthur Kipps) is married and has a kid in this movie. He sure has beard and mustache which should make him look older but still you will see the golden potter boy hidden within him in certain scenes.

Well other than that the movie is quite good. It delivers those heart skipping scary moments and some very good visuals. The story is bit fresh but again revolve around dead/possessed kids who always scares the shit out of you.







  • Story pretty fresh
  • Visuals
  • Thrill factor high
  • Decent performances


  • Screenplay drags a bit in between
  • Not very gripping story
  • Climax not very convincing.

Well its a movie to watch when you crave for some thrill or want to have a horror fiesta !!!

My: 7/10

IMDB: 7.1 / 10

Rotten Tomatoes : 64%

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February 26, 2012 at 5:16 pm

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