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Just a plain thought….
there are many ways u can take to make a strong career or indirectly u can say to make more money and some fame. u have to start with what u are interested in, and give ur 100% to it. intelligence is not the only requirement for being successful. u need to be smart in making descisions that benifits u.
even though i am at the threshold for starting my career, i started thingking about different doors that my enigneering degree will take me to. Seating in a class of enigneering economics, hearing the mingling noise of the exchange student crowd(from paris), i was wondering how can i make more money so that even after those crazy taxes on my income, i will stay rich.
Is doing business the only way or working as a good professional can also lead to success. i am not business minded person, so i will prefer to be more a hardworking person(ya like 8-5 working hrs). As a computer engineer i have many possibilities of working with computers, hundreds of fields and thousands of companies, but it all depends on how good is your grasping power, how effectively you can communicate and how trustworthy you are. Working as an engineer can be both easy and hard. If you want to stick to regular 8-to-5 job with 15min coffee and 1hr lunch breaks in a same company for years then it makes life more easier. But if you want to try out new adventures in different fields, then that take whole lot of time.
So the thing is i have to get back to my books and notes for now which will eventually take care of future……


Written by tarangp

October 19, 2007 at 1:40 am

Posted in Technology

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