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Data Structures and Algorithm

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This is the most crucial part of the C++ programming. To be a good programmer it is utmost important how you design your code in a best way possible. I like computers but programming part doesn’t interest me much. But after taking course in “data structures and algorithm” i started thinking about programming how cool it is.
To learn programming you dont need more than 2 things. First A computer with internet and second determination. Now-a-days internet is filled with complete guide of programming right from A-Z. Lot of examples, touched-up codes, explanations and other useful stuffs. You dont even need a book.
Following are the two places that gives complete description on Data Structures and Algorithm.
http://www.wikipedia.org (it contains a complete guide with lot of references)
http://www.eternallyconfuzzled.com (good explanation)


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November 10, 2007 at 3:37 am

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