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To write a review of Taare Zameen Par is not an easy task. The feeling you get after watching it cannot be described in words but can just feel it. The first half of the move is what we Indians usually encounter in our day-to-day life. So it might get little boring until the interval. But it is great to watch the performance of a star of the movie. Ishaan(Darsheel Safary) has played an extremely beautiful role of child who is lost in his own world and its hard for him to understand the normal activities. We people think he is just being naughty and lazy. But post-interval drama between Aamir Khan and Ishaans family, Aamir’s way of improving Ishaan were the best part of the movie. But what stands out is the Drawing Fest hosted by Aamir and how Ishaan got awarded the first place, its just amazing and filled with emotions. This movie delivers the message that in this competitive world parents have became so narrow minded that they want best out of their children every time, they want their children to excell in every field which is not possible for every children. We should motivate them, give them courage, make them understand stuffs in every way possible. So that they dont get lost and break down.


Written by tarangp

December 26, 2007 at 4:28 pm

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