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Biggest Gadget – TATA Nano

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Its officially released and the whole world is raving about it. Right from Times of India to The Gazette in Canada, from Radio Mirchi to CJAD, from AAJ TAK to CNN, from indiatimes.com to nytimes.com every news-paper, radio, TV and web sites are talking about the new born- Nano. What is so appealing about it? well its same for everyone and it is the price tag it comes with. Only a transaction of Rs. 1,00,000 can buy you the cheapest mode of transportation. For sure in this world of competence the stereotypic nature of the people always have the good and the bad to say. I am sure everyone of you might have read or heard about the car. I went through lot of web-sites and found that the car scores an average of 50% and why is that i will tell you shortly.
The car is equipped with the most basic feature that an ideal car should have. It has 4 doors, a windshield wiper, lights, windows and besides an engine what else do you want to go just from point A to B. And the icing on the cake it is low cost AND good aesthetics AND small size AND high fuel efficiency AND high passenger safety.
In my first opinion I like the whole concept of this car and can imagine the revolution it will bring in the automobile industry. But its biggest problem is, the traffic it is going to build up. There are lot of Indians who can afford to buy such car and just imagine the amount of the traffic that will be created if we consider only one car per household. People take the car for the comfort and fast reachability , but if everyone will have the car people will spend more time in the traffic and the goal will still be not met. I am not saying to stop making this car. But only to limit its production. It should not fade out the public transportation. If limited cars are sold then we will not face an instant effect of it.
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Written by tarangp

January 14, 2008 at 2:21 pm

Posted in Technology

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