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Events 2010: Montreal F1

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Now you will think why did i post this article on racing in the lifestyle section. Well good question but hold your thoughts. There are two reasons to it. First: Cars !! its not just for for racing, its a fashion statement. It adds value to a persons character. Second: Girls !! where there are cars there are girls, its natural. Now when these two dazzling elements come together on a hot sunny day, weather cannot get any hotter. After an execrable summer of 2009 with dark clouds and no Formula 1 thunder in the city of montreal, we just left the hope of getting it better any time in the future. But after the announcement of the race from 11-13th of June  every little Schumacher in the town is looking forward for this years racing event and yeah also for more sunny days.

This years grand prix is the most debatable one. With the changes in rules and regulations its all about safety for the drivers. Some people say increase in gas tank volume will result in more gas consumption. Which is true considering the fact that the heavy the vehicle the more fuel it burns. Also this year marks the return of the best driver in the history of racing, Michael Schumacher, after his three years of retirement. Now lets see how this comeback proves successful for the team Mercedes.


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April 19, 2010 at 1:30 am

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