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iPhone Dev: UINavigationController and viewWillAppear

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I recently came across a problem while developing and application that has UINavigationController inside a UITabBarController. When i tried to go back in the navigation menu that viewWillAppear or viewDidAppear function of the parent view was not firing up. I searched the net for the solution but was none were clear. So if you are facing a problem like this then try out the following solution.

1. When calling the next view always call the viewWillAppear before pushing the view in the view hierarchy.

    NextView *next = [[NextView alloc] init];
    [next viewWillAppear:YES];    // (or NO)
    [self.navigationcontroller pushViewController:next animated:YES];

2. When you press the back button and you want to call the viewWillAppear of the previous parent view do the following

    [[self.navigationController.viewControllers objectAtIndex:2] viewWillAppear:YES];
    [self.navigationController popViewControllerAnimated:YES];

Cheers !!


Written by tarangp

May 20, 2010 at 1:30 pm

How to create a product ?

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Every now and then you brain gets bombarded with different ideas.  Ideas to do something or create something. Creating a product or a service is the most difficult task and what makes it more difficult is making it successful. Below i enlisted some simple steps on how to create you own product and make it successful.

1. Think: Taking you daily crap in the morning is the best time to start thinking. This will stimulate you mind and will motivate you throught  the day. Never stop thinking when you are riding an hour long bus or metro ride to school/work. This is time when you will really feel your ideas are becoming real.

2. Share: Share your ideas with your friends and family. So what if they don’t get a single word out of it you will be surprised that talking to them actually gives new dimension to your idea. You will start thinking in different possible ways.

3. Survey: C’mon don’t say its hard. In this web 2.0 world where social media is all about sharing you can also share you ideas and get reaction from people.

4. Start: Now you can really start doing something. Get that tall cup of coffee, put you favorite music and start penning down those ideas. Create something on paper or computer or real object.

5. Keep aside: Now sit back and relax. But do visit your work everyday. Show them to people. This is the longest wait you will ever do. The main reason for this wait is to observe, criticize and improve your work. It’s surprising that even though the wait is 10 years you product will be the best product at the end.

… will be continued, i am in wait mode.

Written by tarangp

May 18, 2010 at 4:47 am

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Mobile App: Bassworx

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Hey folks checkout my first iPhone application that is now available on iTunes for free to download. It was a very euphoric time for me and my partner who worked on this project when we heard or Apple approved our application. But also we were surprised to see who this small app was finished in 2 weeks and was up and running in another 3 days. I have been working on three other iPhone apps since November 2009 but still those poor bits of code have not yet seen the sunlight.

Bassworx specializes in creating and connecting in-car audio systems mainly woofers. They provide you with the best audio solution suitable for your car. This app is focused mainly on people who want to know what kind to cabinet is suitable for their selected woofer or vice-verse.

This is just the start. Very soon you will encounter bunch of cool apps that i had worked on. From previews to reviews of those app as well as all the cool technology behind making it. So keep checking this blog for more amazing mobile applications.

So checkout this app on iTunes store and drop some lines in the review section as well as comments on this blog.

Written by tarangp

May 5, 2010 at 8:26 pm

Play and Advertise !!

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I recently found this cool website on internet called Adverputt. It displays an unique way to advertise the companies by using a mini golf kind of game. These kind of games are highly addictive and Adverputt completely takes advantage of it to promote other companies. Check out this latest Web 2.o or i can say Web 3.0 trend. www.adverputt.com

Written by tarangp

May 5, 2010 at 3:18 am

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