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Chanting the Fitness Mantra

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So this year I have decided to transform myself and get in shape. Event though I have been going to gym since past 4-5 years I still lack the motivation and dedication towards exercise. I have reasons for it or I would now like to say excuses which are I am tired, Its cold outside, I have to work etc ….

It is the time, now or never. My goal is to get in shape like the man on the left. For this I have to workout right and most important eat right. I have done lots of research, browse through lot of mens health and fitness websites, and I found tons of information.

So I am going to try out new exercises, new workouts and new eating habits. My aim is gaining lean muscles and loosing unnecessary fat.


– I have already started taking my protein shake daily along with multivitamins.

– I am having proper breakfast. Big and as healthy as possible lunch and not overfilling dinner.

– I also have two snack periods one around 10:30 am and another around 4:00pm. An apple in morning and almonds or oat cookies in afternoon.

– I like to have a banana before going to gym which gives me instant boost in energy to keep up with my workout without fatigue.

– I am also gulping down green tea twice every day during my snack period. This will not only help in burning fat but the antioxidants in it will also help my skin problems.

– I try to do at least 3 core exercises before going to weight lifting. I try to do at least one full body exercise every time I hit the gym

– I am putting little focus on cardio around 10-15min 3 times a week. I know this will not be enough if I want to loose fat. But someone told me if I need to gain muscle I need to do less cardio and more weight lifting. I am not too sure about this but will try out for few sessions.

So this is the plan I am trying to keep up for few weeks now and see how much I progressed. I will try to introduce new workout routines and exercises during this process and will update interesting ones up here. If you guys have suggestions please write it me.


Written by tarangp

January 12, 2012 at 2:34 pm

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