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Coffee or not to be

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I like coffee. I like the aroma of it. I like to have it once in a while with a double chocolate cookie. My idea of enjoying coffee is to be in a cafe with a beautiful smart girl engaged in humorous conversation with a cup of Mocha. I love Mocha.


But in the corporate culture coffee is seen a medium of success and achievement. Its good to drink a cup of coffee when you need that instant boost mainly on Mondays. But sipping a mug every hour is just ridiculous. I have worked in two start-up companies where at least one of the manager is coffoholic. I mean there is more coffee than blood in their body.

I understand they have immense amount of work load but coffee is not the solution. Having gallons a day will only make it worse. Like correcting a word on that 13th line of fifth slide becomes their high priority of the day. It not only make their mental balance uneven but also makes their body structure shaky. I swear i have seen their hands vibrating.

This also puts pressure on other employees like:

– more work load and aggressive response.
– coffoholics are so hyper all day it just makes you depress to see them highly motivated all time.
– yellow teeth and stinking breath. Sometimes it feels like they bathe in coffee. It just degrades the aroma of coffee for others.

Anyways all i want to say is drink coffee in responsibly. If not for your health but for other around you whom you do not want to suffocate.

Having a coffee is good but it not good to be a coffee.


Written by tarangp

January 24, 2012 at 3:03 pm

Cafe Vasco-Da-Gama

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Vasco Mocha

Mocha from Vasco-da-gama

This is the image of a Mocha cafe that i had from Cafe Vasco Da Gama in the city if montreal. Actually its right outside my office. Its a high-end cafe shop which offers unique delicacies, such as exquisite sandwiches which captures flavors from the four corners of the world, or as they say. But i can assure you guys  of their Mocha cafe which is thick, creamy and chocolaty enough to pack up those good 500 calories from this small attractive cup. Cheer !!

Written by tarangp

April 22, 2010 at 3:44 am

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