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D├ępanneur Le Pick-Up

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No, seriously !! It’s an eatery hidden inside a convenience store with a fresh, delicious, and inexpensive menu. Their menu line-up is very interesting that also includes regular burgers and salads. One of item that sets them apart from any other fast food place is the grilled potatoes. They don’t serve french fries but the boiled potatoes grilled with some onions and served with spicy mayo. I nearly sampled all their offerings and clearly found their Pulled-pork (meat and tofu versions) one of the best burgers i had after Churrasco from Chez Jose. Also another interesting sandwich is Grilled Halloum with mint coleslaw sandwich. This Cyprus cheese when grilled is very mouth watering.
More info and reviews at: Yelp


Written by tarangp

April 18, 2011 at 3:21 am

The Churrasco way

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Churrasco chicken sandwich One of the best discoveries that i had in last two months. This is Churrasco chicken sandwich that me and one of my friend stumbled upon while surfing the streets of Saint-Laurant, Montreal. The plane looked very ghetto from outside and we passed by with a smirk thinking the resto to be another diner. But after long walk and finding nothing exciting around I opened my little droid to locate nearby places. Thats when I saw the five star rating to Chez Jose and peoples raving about the Churrasco sandwich. I must say the quote “dont judge a book by its cover” is absolutely correct.
The churrasco chicken sandwich is simply delicious and its size factor will leave you wanting more. This Portuguese and Spanish style of grilling is very rich in taste. It is easily one of those quick-bits like Shish Taouk, Smoke meat and Poutine. So make sure you visit at least once.
You can find more reviews at: Yelp

Written by tarangp

April 18, 2011 at 3:06 am

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