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The Hunger Games [2.999 / 5] – Movie Review

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The spring is here and the summer is around the corner. Movie buffs have made their watch-list to catch 2012’s blockbuster. I have mine too but Hunger Games was not in the list until few weeks back when all media raised the hype alarm on this movie.

After the success of the Hunger Games book series the movie trilogy was bound to happen. Now I have not read any of the books which I am sure they will be better than the movie. Not because movie sucks but because the movie lacks the thrill factor which I think book always delivers in its thousands of words.

The idea behind the story is very simple and to some extant very childish. Rich people want to see poor kids fighting for survival. Its like Survivor series set the future. From the start of the movie Katniss Everdeen ( Jennifer Lawrence) was told that she is special and she has to win. All the people surrounding her are on her favor which completely ruins the mystery about what will happen in the end. But still its not that bad.

Lot of time is spent in shaking the camera in odd positions which made me want to slap the camera-man. Special effects are very outdated. But again its a budget film I guess.On whole movie is good but not very gripping or make you jump ( expect one scene).


  • Some good visuals
  • Lead actress is quite an eye candy
  • Scene with dogs (weird)


  • Poor executions. Low thrill factor
  • Background score not uplifting
  • Games not quite exciting
  • Special FX done by some college intern
  • Camera man drunk on set

Even though I hear great reviews by critiques and Hunger Games fan I think this movie still left me hungry for more.

I know having not read the books and not being a fan of killing for survival for rich peoples entertainment with nothing to gain at the end, I am not in a position to judge the movie in right way but this is what I feel about it.

But its a good movie catch with the pals. “May the hunger gods be with you.

IMDB: 7.8/10

Rottentomatoes: 85%

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